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10 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

January 18, 2022

Put down the hammer!

Here are 10 home repairs that are best left to the professionals.


YouTube can teach you how to do practically anything nowadays: speak a new language, make an awesome meal, and even upgrade your home.

Unfortunately, disaster can strike when homeowners get a little too confident in their DIY skills.

Sure, these weekend warriors might love the sense of accomplishment they get when a project goes according to plan, but there are some jobs that are simply too risky to trust to an amateur.

Here is our list of the top 10 home repairs that you should never attempt yourself (yes, even with an online tutorial)!


1. Electrical

When it comes to electrical systems, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

If you don’t complete the right steps in the right order, you risk damaging your home’s wiring or, even worse, electrocution. In the rare case that you’re able to complete the job without hurting yourself, there’s still a chance you can cause an issue that could spark a fire later on.

Electricians receive hours of education and training in order to perform their job safely. A one-hour YouTube video is no replacement for an expert’s eye.

If you’re looking at anything more complicated than changing an old lightbulb, call a licensed electrician to handle the job.


man on roof with nail gun

2. Roofing

Attempting roof repair? Finding a long enough ladder is the least of your worries.

First of all, dragging supplies and power tools all over your roof is incredibly dangerous. Without the proper amount of experience, you’re prone to all manner of disasters that could put you in the hospital.

Your next consideration is the quality of your work.

Roof leaks are one of the most common causes for insurance claims in the United States. In many situations, these leaks can grow undetected for months, causing extensive water, mold, and termite damage.

Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, those roof “repairs” could put you at risk of a bigger problem later on. Contact your insurance company and find a trustworthy (professional!) roofer to do it for you.


3. Plumbing

Again, if water is involved, turn it over to the pros!

Improper plumbing jobs increase the odds of leaky or busted pipes that can wreak havoc on your home. These pipes are often located next to your home’s electrical wiring, too. One wrong move, and you risk causing a flood and electrocution.

Not to mention, professional plumbers tend to have access to equipment that far exceeds the materials you can find in a hardware store.


woman zipping up hazmat suit

4. Dangerous Stuff

Lead paint, asbestos, termites, and mold take a certain level of expertise to be removed correctly. Without the right level of protection, you pose serious harm to your health.

Removing mold, lead paint, and asbestos without certain types of containment solutions will only release harmful particles into the air where they can be ingested and/or inhaled. Termite and other pest infestations often require the use of toxic chemicals that no one in your family should be exposed to.

Besides, if you don’t do the job perfectly, you will have to do it all over again. Save your money and hire the pros from the get-go.


5. Tree Removal

You might be able to handle a small sapling that broke in the latest storm. But what about that 20-foot-tall oak that’s in a very precarious position?

When weakened by weather, disease, or pests, that majestic tree becomes a hazard with the potential to crush anything in its path. It takes an extreme amount of care to remove a tree without causing damage to the people and buildings around it.

In the unfortunate event that the tree has already landed on your house, you’ll need an experienced emergency tree service team to remove it (without causing further damage) and properly clear away the debris.


6. Window Replacement

Windows can be expensive, but don’t let the upfront cost scare you into completing the job yourself.

Your windows are one of the first lines of defense for your home, ensuring that moisture, pests, and other harmful things stay outside your walls. If installed improperly, your windows will allow rain, termites, and air to pass through unchecked.


food cooking on gas range

7. Gas Appliances

While they’re not a common sight in Central Florida, gas ranges are often revered by chefs and home cooks alike.

If you’re thinking of making the switch from electric to gas, it is vital that you hire a professional. If breathed, natural gas can cause symptoms such as nausea, headache, and even suffocation. Not only that, it is flammable, so you could risk destroying your entire home if you attempt it yourself.


8. Insulation

Even if you’re sure that your insulation doesn’t contain asbestos, it’s still a good idea to leave it to the pros.

Most insulation is made of fiberglass, which is exactly what it sounds like—tiny threads of spun glass. When agitated, these fibers loosen and break easily. These microscopic glass shards are light enough to become airborne. If it lands on your skin, fiberglass can cause tiny cuts that cause severe itching. What’s worse, breathing in these particles can cause irreversible damage to your lungs.

Professionals have access to the kinds of protective equipment that can minimize these risks and get the job done right.


HVAC unit outside next to home


While homeowners can (and should) handle basic HVAC maintenance—such as changing the air filters and clearing debris from the air handler—bigger jobs should be handled by a licensed HVAC technician.

Performing your own repairs runs the risk of voiding your warranty, so if you end up doing more harm than good, you’ll be on the hook for replacing the unit.

It’s a good idea to have your HVAC system inspected every year, just to make sure that everything is operating smoothly.


10. Extensive Remodels

Whether you’re building a brand-new addition, remodeling, or cleaning up after a fire or flood, homes need to comply with residential building codes to ensure that inhabitants will be safe.

Anything involving drywall, structural repairs, smoke damage, and water damage should be handled by a general contractor with the experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to finish the job right.



Tackling a project yourself can be fun and rewarding, but there are certain home repairs that require an expert hand to be truly worth the work.

There’s nothing wrong with try to save a few bucks but, more often than not, amateur home repairs will end up costing you more in the long run, since you’ll need to remedy the mistakes you made and then hire a professional to redo the job.

At Axel Works, our team is fully licensed to handle water damage, fire/smoke damage, fallen trees, mold remediation, and routine remodeling jobs with ease. Plus, we can meet you on-site in as little as two hours.

Call today to get started.

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