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Orlando Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most common–and destructive–types of homeowner claims in the U.S., with nearly 65% of all insurance company losses related to water. And dealing with water damage is never an easy feat.

The term “water damage” encompasses a wide selection of incidents like burst pipes and flood damage, but even incidents that appear to be minimal can quickly become a big concern.

Water can find its way into areas that most homeowners (not to mention wet vacs) cannot reach. The affected areas include beneath flooring, behind baseboards, and between walls. If you’ve recently been a victim of water damage, it is vital that you have it handled by a highly trained professional.

Axel Works has been handling Orlando water damage restoration for years, and we’ll work hard to get your home back into tip top shape as quickly as possible.

water damage to wall because of a leak

Signs Of Water Damage

Sometimes, it’s obvious when you are dealing with water damage. Cracking or flaking walls, brown spots on the ceiling or walls. But other times, the evidence of water damage can be less noticeable.
A damp, musty, or moldy smell can also indicate that you have an issue. Even an unexpected increase in your utility bills could be a hint that there’s a developing issue.
Water damage on baseboards can also indicate a more serious issue. It doesn’t take much for any water damage to your baseboards to seep into the wall behind them. This can lead to warped walls, ugly finishes, health issues, and expensive repairs unless you act immediately to fix the damages.
If your home has experienced flooding or large amounts of standing water in any particular area, you should act quickly to dry out the rooms to limit the amount of water damage. 

Water Damage Mitigation

The first step in the water damage restoration process is to find an Orlando water damage restoration company to stop the issue from getting worse.

Unfortunately, water intrusion can come from a variety of sources:

  • Flood damage
  • Roof leaks
  • Faulty appliances (such as water heaters and dishwashers)
  • Burst or leaky pipes
  • Fire hoses

However the damage occurs, the first step is to get as much of the water out as quickly as possible. Our commercial-grade pumps and vacuums can remove thousands of gallons of water in a matter of minutes.

leaky pipe under sink
Water damage on baseboards and drywall

Water Damage Remediation

Simply having a large amount of standing water in your home is not the biggest concern. Water can seep into cracks, soak into porous surfaces, and settle in low-lying spots, causing further damage.

Drywall and wood make excellent building materials…and great sponges. When these materials absorb moisture, it takes a long time for them to dry out. In the meantime, drywall is becoming soggy, wood is warping, metal is rusting. Before you know it, your home is susceptible to mold, termites, and other dangers. Then once you restore your property, you may need mold remediation, pest services, and more.

Our dehumidifying process targets any water that lies beneath the visible surfaces in your home, preventing the need for costly repairs or medical treatment later on.

Water Damage Repair

“Water damage” isn’t just a saying; water can cause serious harm to your home. If wood, drywall, and other building materials are in contact with water for too long, drying them out isn’t enough.

That’s where we come in.

We are the Orlando water damage restoration experts. Our team will clean, repair, and replace the features in your home as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Whether it’s rebuilding your kitchen cabinets or cleaning upholstery, you’ll be back to normal in as little time as possible.

With Axel Works, you won’t be left high and dry.

drywall removed to reveal wood framing during water damage restoration
mold removal expert spraying walls

Mold Remediation

From homeowners in Lakeland to Palm Bay, Daytona to Orlando, water damage is an urgent concern.

Florida’s heat and humidity mean that mold is an ongoing threat whenever water damage is involved. Mold removal and mold damage restoration can be costly and time-consuming, which is why mold remediation is so important.

The longer you wait, the more ongoing damage is occurring. You want a restoration company who can begin removing and remediating water damage as soon (and as thoroughly) as possible.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

With Orlando water damage, time is of the essence, but don’t be so hasty that you choose the wrong restoration company.

The Orlando remodeling and restoration experts at Axel Works have worked hard to build a reputation that homeowners, business owners, and insurance companies trust. We offer fast response times, a three-year warranty, and we’re locally owned and operated, so we understand the risks common to Central Florida.

Whether you’ve been the victim of the latest tropical storm or a busted water heater, we’ll extract any standing water and work quickly to dry out the affected areas. We are continually re-investing in new equipment and methods so our restoration process remains one of the best in the area.

If you’re looking for licensed and insured Orlando water damage restoration, call Axel Works today. We’re available 24/7/365 and can be at your address in as little as two hours.

Water stain on wall signs of water damage

Orlando Water Damage Recovery process

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Contact us and we’ll immediately send a technician to assess the situation. We aim to be at your home within 2 hours of your call.

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We’ll talk you through what needs to be done to fix the issue. We can also liaise with your home insurance company, if needed.

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We’ll work hard to restore your home—so you can get back to real life as soon as possible.


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